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Sisel Kaffe product range includes Instant Black Coffee Caffe Latte style instant Dutch Coca infused Mocha coffee all with premium Boquete Geisha Panamanian beans

Sisel International has proved to be an innovative leader in promoting wellness by turning a daily fix of coffee into a health promoting activity. Millions of people can benefit from drinking these yummy coffees without making any changes at all to their daily routine. It is certainly worth considering a leap away from your usual brand and trying something new that can offer you much more than just a jolt of caffeine.


Sisel Kaffe Premium Panamanian Coffee from Boquete

Healthy Coffee that will stimulate your Taste Buds

For about one hundred million Americans, the aroma of brewing coffee is what arouses their olfactory nerves and tugs them gently out of bed each morning. This is a staggering number, and equates to somewhere around 300-400 million cups of coffee consumed each day in the USA alone.

It makes sense that coffee growers and purveyors are always on the lookout for a new flavor, a new concept or a new hook to propel them to the top of the coffee mountain.

Sisel International researches and manufactures exceptional wellness supplements that use only pure, safe, and effective ingredients. They have taken this vast knowledge and discovered how to infuse herbal extracts with world-class Panamanian coffee beans. The final product is a tasty coffee blend that also promotes good health and well-being.

SISEL KAFFE Instant Black Coffee

The unique climate of an ancient Panamanian volcano produces unique coffee beans with a rich and sweet flavor. These premium beans combined with extracts of Chaga, Gotu, Kola, Bacopa, and organic Ganoderma make Panama Boquete Geisha Instant Black Coffee a great tasting coffee that is also great for your health.


SISEL KAFFE Mocha Coffee - Dutch Cocoa

Mocha Panama Boquete Geisha Instant Coffee contains a blend of Dutch cocoa and the rich coffee beans harvested from a volcano in Panama. The micro-ground coffee ensures you get maximum flavor in every cup. Despite its sweet taste, the infusion of organic extracts makes it a healthy choice for you.


Sisel kaffe Latte

SISEL KAFFE Latte Coffee

With the combination of rich espresso, non-dairy creamer, and the flavorful coffee beans of Panama, Latte Panama Boquete Geisha Instant Coffee has a taste unlike any other you have ever experienced. The smooth and creamy flavor of this coffee makes it perfect for any occasion.


SISEL KAFFE Weight Loss Support

Black ground coffee has helped people lose weight for years. The sweet Panamanian coffee beans combined with green tea, Yerba Mate, and organic Ganoderma extract give Weight Loss Panama Boquette Gesha Instant Coffee a rich flavor that helps people maintain a healthy weight and promote good health overall.


Sisel Kaffe Weigh Loss Support


Sisel kaffe Premium Ground Bag Coffee from Panamanian Geisha coffee beans grown in Boquete Panama


SISEL KAFFE Boquete Geisha Ground Black Coffee

From the high altitudes of Panama to your coffee cup, say hello to the world’s finest cup of coffee. The ultra-rich Premium Panama Boquete Geisha ground coffee beans are renowned for their superior taste and have an award-winning reputation of the best tasting coffee for 12 years running. When combined with Chaga, Organic Ganoderma, Bacopa, and Gotu Kola, you'll have the world's best tasting and healthiest premium cup of coffee.




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